Sports-Class Racing Series

It’s high time the successes of sports class pilots are celebrated in equal measure to those flying EN-D and CCC wings. And the Sports-Class Racing Series is here to do just that. Each year, we will crown a Sports Class Champion through four highly competitive events.

So what is it?

The Sports-Class Racing Series (SRS) is being organised by a group of pilots led by Brett Janaway. It is aimed at all competitive sports pilots flying apart from the EN-D and CCC classes. The idea for a racing series has been fomenting for around 5 years, but it feels particularly timely with the birth of 2-liner EN-Cs. Of course, you don’t have to fly a 2-liner EN-C. All pilots flying all kinds of EN-A, EN-B and EN-C certified wings can apply to enter and race. 

Who is behind the SRS series?

The series is partnering with some of the leading names in the sport. These include Airtribune, Cross Country Magazine, Flymaster, Ozone, Naviter and many more, to be announced shortly. With these partners, the SRS can ensure access to technologies, knowledge, support and development to remain at the forefront of paragliding racing.

In addition, we have some strong team members behind the administration and organisation of the series. These include:

Brett Janaway
Brett has been organising competitions and events since 2001. In the last 10 years, he has organised over 50 paragliding events. Brett is the owner of Airtribune and FlyEvent, which has a fleet of nearly 1,000 trackers that are rented to paragliding events worldwide. Brett will be focussing his efforts on technologies, scoring and tracking.

Charles Norwood
Charles is the current chairman of the British Competitions Paragliding Committee. Charles will be focussed on media development with an ambition to bring the sport to a whole new platform in the general media.

Joerg Ewald
Joerg is the creator of the FScomp scoring software, and more recently of the TBS (Time Based Scoring) system. He is going to join our team to further develop the TBS system to suit the objectives of the SRS series.

Andy Mac
Andy is passionate about safety in competitions. A regular competitor himself, he has accepted the role of ensuring we take this aspect of competitions to a new level!

Nicole Fedele
Nicole has been World Champion, PWCA champion and test pilot for several brands and certification houses. Nicole has a wealth of experience around competitions and her guidance will be invaluable.

Magdalena Janaway
Magdalena has been organising the administration of events for over 5 years. With her input we can expect a smooth registration system for all.

Chris Trow
Chris was the backbone behind the PWCA series for many years. He has now taken on the role for the SRS series, and will be developing some great systems to manage memberships and a ranking system for us.

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