Place: Piedechinche, Colombia
Dates: 6-13 January 2024


2024 starts in the sunny climes of Colombia. One of the most reliable venues on the planet. Grassy launch, blue skies and thermals large and smooth.


Place: Berga, Spain
Dates: 2-8 June 2024


Spain is known for sunny weather and reliability. With high cloudbases and a southern location, you can expect some great tasks.


Place: Montalegre, Portugal
Dates: 7-13 July 2024


Can this season get any more sunny? Portugal, on the west coast of Europe, promises yet more sunny days.


Place: Krusevo, North Macedonia
Dates: 25-31 August 2024


North Macedonia has been hosting racing competitions for many years, and the local club is looking forwards to helping us crown an overall SRS champion.


Place: St Andre, France
Dates: 9-15 September 2024


St Andre is maybe the best racing venue in Europe. It is the perfect venue for us to finish the racing season before moving on to the Coupe Icare festival at St Hilaire a few days later.