Place: Krushevo, North Macedonia
Dates: 7-14 May 2023


Three valid tasks and the SRS is now underway! Check out who is leading the series at the link above.

Place: St John Montclar, France
Dates: 3-9 June 2023

Registration is OPEN:

France is a spiritual homeland for paragliding. With some exceptional local talented pilots in the organisation, this is going to be a spectacular Alpine race.

Place: Gemona, Italy
Dates: 16-23 July 2023

Registration is OPEN:

Gemona has become one of the hottest venues for competitions in recent years. With a mix of mountains and flatlands, tactics come to the fore. 

Place: Pedro Bernardo, Spain
Dates: 10-16 September 2023

Registration is OPEN:

Pedro Bernardo has been hosting racing competitions for many years, and the local club is looking forwards to helping us crown an overall SRS champion.