What is the SRS?
The SRS is a series of four paragliding racing competitions for sports-class pilots which aims to redefine the sports-class as a serious, competitive class in its own right. 

What is different about this series?

Here are five things that the SRS will do differently from standard FAI Category 2 competitions:

  1. The SRS is the leading Sports-Class Series, linking four races each year to find the best sports pilot in the world
  2. The SRS owns all the latest technologies, from Live scoring to the latest 4G trackers, exclusively available to SRS in the start of 2023
  3. Lead Out Points will be simplified and easily understandable. Even your granny will understand how they work!
  4. Scores you can trust. The same scorer will score every race to ensure a standardised approach to scoring
  5. Safety: the highest priority of any race. The SRS provides the latest trackers and dedicated staff to look after you, the pilot

Are they FAI Cat 2 events?
Yes they are – and pilots will need the usual pre-requisites, including national license, FAI sporting license and insurance to compete.

Can I enter on an CCC on EN-D wing?

No. This series is strictly for Sports class wings: EN-C and below

Can I enter on a 2-liner?

Yes – as long as the 2-liner is EN-C certified.

Do I have to fly in all the races in the series?
No. Every race is a standalone event, just as any other competition. You can just attend a single event if you wish. Your 10 highest scoring tasks throughout the season will count towards your overall series position.

How do I win the series?
The winner will be determined by the pilot with the 10 highest scoring tasks in the season. You need to attend a minimum of two races to score 10 valid tasks.

What prizes are there?
The prizes will be determined as the season progresses. There will be no cash prizes.

Do I need to be a member of the SRS to compete?
All pilots will need to become members of the SRS prior to a place being confirmed in an event for that season. Membership fees help subside the administration of the SRS series.

Can I become a partner?
We are building a strong network of partners to ensure the success of the series. Please do get in touch if this is of interest.