Season 2023

The full set of rules will be published in due course. However, to aid you in your preparations for the season, the following may be of interest:

    • This is a FAI cat2 competition. Therefore you can expect Section 7 of the FAI rules to be the basis of the competition
    • In most aspects, the rules will be as you would expect in most CAT 2 competitions. But there will be some notable differences!
    1. Harnesses: We have a working group looking at restrictions on harnesses. At the moment, there is no formal rule in place. We want to make this a fair competition for all, but we also want to ensure the spirit of Sports wing flying is maintained. This may mean we will bring in some restrictions. For example; a maximum length of the tail fairing; or restrictions on inflatable aspects. However, any pod harness manufactured and released up to summer 2022 will be accepted in whatever rule we publish, providing it is certified.
    2. Weight limits: Again, back to the working group. We are considering an overall restriction on the weight of your equipment. For example, 25kg total. This would include glider, harness, instruments, ballast etc. The limit and restrictions are not final, and there may be some exclusions for the lighter pilots.
    3. Scoring: This is a major aspect of the SRS project. We want to simplify the scoring! But we want to keep the pilots racing. It is our opinion that things like FTV & LeadOutPoints (LOP) have overly complicated the sport. No other sport has a winner that didn’t cross the line first. Lets put that right. But like everything, life is not that simple. LOP are important to the race, otherwise everyone will just follow, and then race at the end. This will lead to manufacturers making faster and faster wings in a bid to win. We will be developing our own scoring system but it will not be so radical. The old stuff isn’t broken, it just needs some updating to address the issues.
    4. Certification: Clearly there is a restriction on certification. A wing must be certified EN-C or below. But life isn’t that simple. Xxs wings for example may struggle to get EN-C, whilst all other sizes are EN-C. So we will publish a rule that will allow our smallest pilots to access the series on wings that may have obtained EN-D on a wing that would traditionally be considered an EN-C.
    5. Wings: From 2023, the 2-liner EN-C is going to be a big feature in the sport. Indeed, it is the basis of the series existing. But will there be any restrictions? Well, for 2023, probably not. But we have a working group that will consider future restrictions such as maybe an Aspect ration limit of 6.7, or tapes on the risers to restrict Speed Bars being too aggressive. What we do not want is manufacturers making crazy wings trying to win, at the expense of safety for the pilots. Maybe in the future there will be a new Sports Certification developed, one step above EN-C. We will see. For this year, all 2-liners C’s we have heard about are below the aspect ration of 6.7, so you can purchase in confidence this year.
    6. Results: The way results are processed in a competition is based on 1990 technologies. We had cameras, it took many hours to be retrieved, the results were not available until the morning, and they were printed on paper. Lets move to 2023! When you land, your score is already available online, on your smart phone. When you hand in your tracker, your score is FINAL. So best you check it is correct when you come to HQ. No more delays, and live scoring will be published!
    7. Safety: We are investing in technology. We will have available the latest 4g trackers at all our events. In late 2023 will will have a new generation of 4g, where we can send you messages through the trackers, stop tasks with the tracker etc. 
    8. Safety Briefings: These are a mandatory part of every event, and they are important. However, there are often mundane, with many aspects being aimed at the newer pilots. We will be publishing a standardised PDF with the key aspects, to make life faster at the event, and to highlight the aspects more relevant to the local venue more.
    9. Selection: This will not be by WPRS nor by how fast you register. See our separate article on the SRS Score and how it works. You will still have to pay quite quickly when offered a placed in the series though, to avoid missing out.