One of the objectives of the SRS is to create a structure whereby Sports pilots can race Sports pilots. Sounds simple. But it does present an interesting problem. Who do you allow to participate?


    • A safe racing environment
    • Sports wings only
    • Equipment choices that are not too demanding
    • Rules and flying practices that encourage safer tasks
    • An open selection that is fair to all
    • Beginner competition pilots are minimised
    • PWCA type pilots are not excluded, but they must  be selected in a manner fair to ‘traditional’ Sports pilots

We believe the system we have developed below is the fairest to all.

Event Selection

  • For each event, the top 120 pilots, according to SRS Score, will be awarded a place on the 1st day of payments being accepted.
  • 7 days later, if the event is not full, another 20 pilots will be approved
  • Each 7 days thereafter, additional pilots will continue to be added until such time the event is either full, or there are no more pilots to offer places
  • When the event is full, all outstanding payment offers will be immediately withdrawn.

Do not be slow to pay, or you may miss your opportunity.

In addition, if two pilots have the same SRS Score, then existing members of the SRS will be offered a place first. Thus, if you have a Zero SRS Score, then by taking a chance and becoming member, you will receive an offer before the other pilots on the waiting list that also have a zero score.

Be smart. Join today! See the menu above and just press the Log In button to register.

Key Dates
The following dates should be noted as they impact how a selection is made, season by season.
         An SRS Score is derived from WPRS scores from the prior two season. A season runs from 1st December to 31st November
         An SRS Score is applied to events hosted 1st March to 28/29th February
        SRS Membership runs 1st December to 31st November
          The SRS Championship runs 1st December to 31st November

Why do we have differing dates?
Simple. We will have events at the start of the year, for example Colombia in January 2024. But we must make a selection for this event around October 2023. As the season is not complete, we cannot calculate all the pilots SRS scores for 2024. So we use the scores already calculated. After 1st March though we will have had time to calculate the new season 2024 scores.

For the other aspects, they all start on December 1st. We will always have had our final event of the year at this time, and thus we can finalise the season, begin votes on new season rules and the office admin can start to calculate the new seasons SRS score from the events that occurred in existing season.

In short, it all comes down to administration limitations.

How is the SRS Score calculated?

Each pilot will be awarded an SRS Score.

This number is derived from their previous Sports competition experience. The higher the number, the better chance of selection.

SRS Score =

The pilots best single Sports WPRS score in the prior two seasons x 10
The pilots best single Sports WPRS score in an SRS Edition in the prior two seasons x 15

NOTE: WPRS Scores are rounded one decimal place (to the nearest whole number). ie 14.94 = 14.9, 14.95 = 15.0

Given nobody has competed in an SRS event for 2023, all pilots will receive a x10 multiplier for the first season.


Brett Janaway, CIVL Number 8201. CLICK HERE

    • In 2021 Brett competed in 2 competitions, and in 2022 in 8 competitions
    • His best WPRS score was 39.3 points for the Supair Open, 2022. But this score is invalid for the SRS, because it was flown on an EN-D
    • His best Sports Wing (EN-A to EN-C) score was actually the Serial Cup, 2021, where he scored 15.2 points on his BGD Cure 2. CLICK HERE
    • Therefore, his SRS Score is 15.2[47] x 10 = 152 points.

You can see that a PWCA pilot, if he didn’t fly a Sports wing in a competition in the prior two years would therefore score zero points, just as a pilot that has never competed before would also score zero points.

It is your SINGLE best score for the prior two seasons that make your score.

How do we collect this data?

At present, there is no easy method. We have to manually research every pilot that registers and create a score. As you can imagine, this is very labour intensive, but it is important.

Why not just use WPRS or time registered?

Using a pilots WPRS score would defeat the objective of a Sports series. An Enzo pilot would score higher by the nature of the wing, not the pilot.

I believe my score is wrong. What can I do?

We are confident we got them all correct, but if you feel your awarded score is incorrect then simple email us and send a link to the results of the event where you scored better. Remember, you must have flown a Sports wing!

I am a better pilot that my friends, but I have a zero score?

This series is not about finding the best pilot, but about finding the best Sports Wing pilot. If you have scored zero, probably you have been flying an EN-D or CCC wing for the last few seasons. Either step up to the PWC, or step down to a Sports wing and ask us for a Wildcard for 2023.

What will happen in 2024?

When we collected the data on each pilot, we recorded their 2021 & 2022 results separately. So for 2024 we will disregard 2021 results, and add 2023 results. We then take the higher result of the 2 seasons, and allow for the multiplier of SRS results being higher.

I have a zero score. Does that mean I can’t compete in the SRS?

Not at all. It simply means you are lower down the waiting list. We will first offer places to those with an SRS Score, highest first. Thereafter we will start awarding to pilots with a zero score, but we will order them that Members receive offers first, so you could become a member (25 euro per season), to advance your position. Thereafter we will award by WPRS, to ensure pilots are experienced in competition flying.

Is there another route into the competition?

There will also be a number of wildcards awarded at each event:

    • The local organiser will have five wildcards to give, which are intended for local pilots in his locality that may not otherwise qualify. It is their reward for helping organise the event, if you like.
    • Manufacturer Partner Wildcards. Any Partners of the SRS series will have one wildcard per season they can award. They also have other benefits to being a partner, such as being able to enter an RFC (Ready For Certification) wing. See the rules for details.
    • SRS Wildcard. The SRS Organisation will be giving wildcards. In future, these will be very limited, but for 2023 we recognise this is new to everybody, we will be awarding up to 30 wildcards per event to pilots we feel deserve a place in the event, but don’t otherwise qualify. For example, they are clearly a Sports pilot, but due to injury or Covid, they were unable to compete. Previous season results will influence this.

How many Wildcards can I have?

For 2023, we are happy to award a wildcard for all 4 events, if it is justified. In future years however, you should have established for yourself an SRS Score through the proper method. W=Wildcards will still be available, but the method of obtaining them will be much stricter.

I hope the above helps you better understand the philosophy of the Sports Racing Series. If you have further questions, please do get in touch and we will seek to add the most popular questions to here.