If you are an event organiser and would like to host a future SRS event at your venue then please read the following, download the application form and get in touch!

It is expected that any local organiser have a team experienced in organising CAT2 events already, and will be familiar with the requirements. The SRS series should be considered a hybrid of a standard CAT2, and a PWCA event in its requirements and methodology. 

Each Edition of the SRS series is a standalone event. It will be an FAI CAT2 event, and run according to Section 7, with a few SRS regulations where needed.

Here is an overview of what is involved and expected of each party:

SRS Organisation Responsibilities

  • Prior to the event:
    • We will handle the online registration & payment system
    • We will form the overall rules for the season
    • We will handle the sponsors & partners for the overall series
    • We will handle the media for the series
    • We will pay the FAI fees
  • At the event
    • We will assist with registration, to confirm pilot, glider and payment details
    • We will supply a scorer
    • We will supply the Technical director
    • We supply the trackers
    • We will provide the tools for a retrieve system
    • We will provide the pilot ID cards
    • We may have one or two media representatives at the venue

Local Organisation Responsibilities

  • Prior to the event:
    • You should obtain all local permissions, ie Mayor, Airspace, CAA, local NAC etc
    • You will need to be active is securing the FAI CAT2 approval
  • At the event
    • You must produce a souvenir for each pilot, such as a T-shirt (there are guidelines for the tshirt design)
    • You must produce adequate staff to run an effective registration system at the venue
    • Your staff should include the following
      • Meet Director. Experienced and familiar with the venue
      • Safety director. Experienced and familiar with the venue
      • At least one Task COmmittee member experience in task setting and the local area
      • Retrieve Officer. To organise the retrieve drivers
      • Retrieve team. Usually 3 or 4 drivers with vehicles, but dictated by the limitations of the venue
      • Transport to get pilots to launch
      • Launch marshalls
      • Tracker officer. To distribute and collect trackers daily and charge the trackers each evening
      • Other staff as required
    • Daily lunch packs
    • Event trophies
    • At least one evening party during the event, to include food and social aspects
    • A suitable HQ, with internet, that can be secured at night.

The above is not an exhaustive list, but a venue should be familiar with what it needs to run an effective competition.

For the financial aspects of the event you should contact us direct to discuss them. The entry fee will be split in a fair manner between the SRS Org and the local venue in order that both parties can successfully perform their duties to deliver the event. The SRS is a non profit organisation and you can expect to enough funds to run the event as any other, usually without needed to find local sponsors. This of course can vary from venue to venue.


Download the form, fill in all the relevant sections and then send it back to us.



– Local on-site contact to liaise/organise.
– Support from local club.
– Support from national association.

– Reliable taskable weather (at least 50% of days taskable).
– Launch and landing areas suitable for a large number of pilots (both quantity and quality).
– Variety of tasks possible, even in “average” conditions.
– Terrain not too intimidating, plenty of safe bomb-out fields.
– Few or no airspace restrictions.
– Successful previous competitions.

Pilot transport
– Cheap transport to launch.
– Cheap retrieves.
– Cheap and easy to get to from worldwide locations, but particularly Europe

– Room available for competition HQ.
– Large room available for registration (preferably with refreshments).
– Suitable area for briefing.
– Good Internet connection.
– No restrictions on the use of 2m radios.
– Good mobile phone coverage in task area.

– Variety of accommodation options, including hotels, B&Bs and camping.
– Accommodation available for organisers.

– Helicopter availability (preferably with a winch). Backup option available. 60 mins max response time, in normal circumstances.
– Trustworthy emergency rescue services and/or medical cover.
– Formal first aid on launch, minimum
– Good hospitals near by.

– Bars and restaurants, especially near goal and HQ.
– Suitable for families.
– Activities for non-flyable days.