The SRS, or Sports-class Racing Series, a series of international high-level FAI Cat 2 competitions to crown a Sports-Class Champion at the end of the season.

But we have a new aspect to the SRS we would like to introduce. The Constructors Trophy!


Within the SRS series there will be a Constructors Trophy. Glider manufacturers can enter their sponsored pilots into this unique class where, across the season, they can compete for the crown the SRS Constructor Champion.

The Constructors trophy is open to Glider manufacturers, Harness Manufacturers and Instrument manufacturers alike. Only one trophy will be awarded, but each type of manufacturer can gain recognition of their achievement by the order of ranking.


We want to reward both pilots and constructors alike. Therefore, the Constructors Class will offer prizes to the winning team in the following manner:

1st Place Team – € 1,500
2nd Place Team – €  800
3rd Place Team – €  500

In addition, there will be a Trophy to be awarded to the top manufacturer that they can display in their head office, as well as the ability to promote their success to the sport.


    • Entry into this class will be an additional 75€ per pilot, for the season. This goes into the prize pot. Any shortfall of the prize pot will be made up by the SRS Organization.
    • A maximum of four pilots (3+1 of each sex, 2+2) can fly for each manufacturer in the season
    • The pilot must have a letter or email of support from the manufacturer to confirm the manufacturer is endorsing them
    • The manufacturer does not need to be a Partner of the SRS series
    • A pilot may only participate in one team in a season


    • For each task, the two highest individual scores within that task from the team members will be used towards the team’s overall score
    • The winning team of the Constructors Trophy will be the team with the highest aggregate score from their pilots in the season
    • The Trophy will be awarded at the end of the season to the manufacturer that wins overall
    • The cash prize will be awarded to the teams that scored 1st, 2nd, 3rd, for them to share as they wish within their team

Manufacturers are encouraged to sponsor pilots to enter this class. They should also consider having at least two pilots attend each SRS Edition. The series must be flown on certified gliders, not RFC wings. The 75€ registration fee may be paid by the pilot or manufacturer, as they wish.