The Sports Racing Series is only open to our members.

Why are we having a membership system?
The SRS is a Non Profit company. This status allows us to run the series in a manner in-keeping with the objectives of the series. One of the requirements for a Non Profit organization though is that all participants must be a member.

However, in addition to the legal status, we will offer the following benefits:

  • Members can vote annually on changes to the structure & rules: Don’t like something. Propose to change it!
  • Priority selection for members: Existing members will be chosen before non members are offered a place.
  • We will have exclusive offers for members, such as discounts or clothing.
  • Early news about events.

To become a member please register to one of the SRS events, and then come back here. Within 10 minutes your account details will be set up so you can log in with your Airtribune details and pay your annual membership fee for the season.

The process for entering events and becoming a member is:

  1. Decide if you wish to participate in one of our events. They are listed on the Events tab above, and on Airtribune
  2. Register for the event/s you wish to participate in. 
  3. Become a member now, or wait until you are accepted in an event, as you wish. But current members get priority acceptance.
  4. When ready, pay your annual membership fee by logging in to this website using your Airtribune details. For 2024 will will be collecting the Membership fees through the event registration. Please wait until you are offered a place in the event. Thank you.
  5. When offered a place in an event, pay, within 7 days of being selected to avoid losing the offer.