SRS and how it will develop


The SRS is a brand new concept with big ambitions for the future. But as it moves forwards, what will shape the SRS? As times change, how will the SRS evolve with those changing times, and how much involvement will the pilots have in this.

From the outset, the model the SRS adopted had the input of several people and organisations within the sport. The focus was to create a balanced event that was both inclusive, to allow all pilots the opportunity to participate if they met the entry criteria, with an aspect of elitism, after all, what is a race without a winner. But with that comes responsibility, the will of the participants, and the will of the partners. Sometimes the partners and the participants will be at odds with what they want, and that is where the balanced and informed leadership of the SRS Org is required.

The SRS has 3 parts to it:

  1. The Pilots. Those pilots must be Members to have a vote
  2. The Partners. The SRS may have many sponsors, but only some of those Sponsors are official Partners
  3. The SRS Organisation. 

SRS Organisation
For day to day running of the SRS, the SRS Organisation will make the decisions. There are usually admin related and do not usually have an impact into the philosophy of what the SRS is.

For organising of events, similarly, these will be led by the SRS Organisation. You can’t easily have pilots voting on what party to have, but similarly, it is hard to go to t avenue just because the pilots wish to. There are many factors to venu choice, including, but not limited to, willing local organisers, National bosies being willing, and simple things like a balanced calendar.

SRS Partners
These are typically manufacturers that have chosen to invest both time, product and money into the SRS. Being an SRS Partner is not simply lending their name to the SRS, nor just giving some token prizes. The SRS demands they take the journey with us and take some risk in the future with us. But with that, we allow them to have a say in the future too.

The Pilots
The sport is quite small compared to other sports in the world. That said, the Sports category (EN-C & EN-B pilots) is the biggest sector of pilots in the sport. We want them to help shape the future. But as part of that, they must be paid up members to have a voice.


From time to time a vote may be called for in the SRS. But there are strict rules to how the vote will take place.

Binding Votes
These will be votes where the outcome will be implemented at an appropriate time.

Indicative Votes
These are votes called simply to garner an indication of what is wanted, but the result may not be acted upon.

Voting Process
For Members votes, it will usually be scheduled in the Whatsapp Communities section of the SRS, in the VOTING group. This vote is restricted to current members only.

Whatsapp Community link:

The vote will specify:

  • If it is Binding or Indicative
  • What the purpose of the vote is
  • The Changes the vote will bring
  • How the result will be implemented
  • The wording for the vote, which must be balanced in its nature

Partner and Organisation votes will be handled internally and the results published, if relevant.

The Vote of the Partners or Pilots (Members) is considered For or Against the proposal according the Majority decision of the group. Sometimes the Vote may ask for a 2/3rds majority for a vote to be binding, for example if it may affect Safety or change some other major aspect of the organisation.

How are votes proposed?
Usually the SRS Organisation will consider posting an Indicative vote if it is unsure what direction to take on a topic. It may do this any time. It may also decide to post a Group discussion into the WhatsApp Community section.

A pilot (current Member) may also ask for a vote to be presented. Usually though such a vote will only be accepted in the Autumn of the year. Rules generally will only be updated on 1st January (New competitions season) or 1st May (date CIVL release their rules).

If a pilot would like a vote on a topic he must submit a clear outline, specifying the aspects listed above (ie the Purpose, Changes, Implementation and the Vote). From submission to publication can take several weeks whilst the vote is considered by the SRS Organisation, passed through the Community for discussion, then published.

Vote Result
When a result has been obtained from the Members, the same vote will also have been passed through the Partners and SRS Organisation. It is the result of all three aspects that form the final decision. Sometimes the SRS Organisation will not need to vote as the Pilots and Partners may be in agreement.

For example: